LET Youth Program

The LET Youth Program (also known as Junior Staff) is an important part of Rossbrook’s history. For over 40 years Rossbrook House has been hiring LET Youth (mostly) from among the participants. They receive training in life skills and employment skills that enhance their self- esteem, sense of belonging and employability.

The LET Youth’s primary duty is engagement with the children. Their shifts can include working with the Young Mothers’ program, and the Learning Always program. They also provide hosting and other duties for many Rossbrook House events. They also take turns working in the kitchen, cleaning and preparing meals for the kids. They also assist the Senior Staff with large outings and van rides.

The LET Youth staff are willing to share their ideas and feelings with the public. More than half have grown up at Rossbrook. They express what they’ve learned and how they grew emotionally. Public speaking has been a part of Rossbrook since the beginning.

By providing jobs for youth, we are not only providing role models for the younger kids, we are creating future leaders. It’s something to be proud of. And we are.

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