Learning Always

Learning Always – A Manitoba Department of Education Project

Learning Always, an after-school education initiative, provides supportive, enriching activities to approximately 30 children, ages 8-11, twice-weekly after school at Rossbrook House.

The program is led by a 30-year teaching veteran who alters the content to fit the needs of the children attending the program. The participants play games, read, and engage in activities that help them with math, spelling and language arts.

The participants also learn cultural teachings from community Elders and Knowledge Keepers. As well as discussion about feelings, self-care and their personal rights.

The program has a regular team of four staff plus volunteers.

Little Bears “Makoonsag” is an off-shoot of the popular program; Learning Always, designed specifically for 6-8 year olds.

“The younger kids were asking to join, they want to be like the big kids”, said Learning Always Coordinator Sheila Chippastance. “I knew that I had to design a program that was better suited for the grades one and two kids.”

The participants are learning math, spelling and reading skills. The program includes cultural activities led by two Indigenous Elders and runs Tuesdays after school and Saturday afternoons.

The Little Bears “Makoonsag” program includes the use of the OneBillion app which focuses on math skills for ages 3 and up. The OneBillion program delivers educational apps and devices to children in developing countries. Little Bears “Makoonsag” is a perfect group to take advantage of this software.

Thank you to the Chipman Family Foundation who gifted Rossbrook House with 10 new iPads specifically for this use, and to help Rossbrook House with its goal of encouraging children to appreciate education.