For as long as Rossbrook House has been in existence, it has been guided and supported by an incredible group of people that make up our Board of Directors. Its members constantly bring to Rossbrook House the skills and experience of their diverse professional commitments, their keen minds and enormous hearts, and a deep respect for the staff and youth. They give of themselves and their time without ever counting the cost. Their unfailing hope and good humour have carried Rossbrook at times when its future seemed precarious. Thank you for your goodness, your patience, and your belief in Rossbrook House!

Denis Bracken • President

Brenda Hasiuk• Vice President

Leslie Galloway • Past President

Gil Grenier • Treasurer

Karen Cook • Secretary

John Burchill

Melissa Dvorak

Sister Michelle Garlinski

Scot Halley

Janine Hargreaves

Patricia Mainville 

Todd Mondor

Colleen Simard       

Gabe Zaporozan