Sports and Leisure

Sports and Leisure activities can include outings to nearby parks, pools, and gyms.

Open Gym

  • The mini gym at Rossbrook House is a busy place as it is used for programs, special events, and numerous gym activities. The open gym can include specific crafts, playing with Lego or doing puzzles, ball hockey, shooting hoops, or a fun game that the participants have created!

Intermediates Activities

  • Weekly activities can include a fun outing or learning to bake and cook in the kitchen.
  • Some of the popular activities are ball hockey, video games, go-carting, movies, and swimming.

Van Rides/Safe Rides Home

  • Two or three evenings weekly regular participants who are 13 years or older book passages in the Rossbrook Van for an hour’s drive in and around the city. Favorite tunes are played until the ride ends with a treat.
  • The vans are used every evening to drive the children home to ensure their safety and to be certain there is someone at home to supervise them.


  • Children as young as 6 years old learn to play pool from older participants or staff.
  • Spontaneous games are a great way to make new friends.
  • Tournaments happen frequently including during the Winter and Summer Games at Rossbrook House.


“I like playing games with the staff. It’s my safe place to come and hang out. You can be healthy and respected here. You can play games and the staff are nice.”

-Madison, age 7