Sports and Leisure

Boys’ Night

  • Boys’ Night takes place once a week and usually involves an outing followed by a meal.
  • Some of the popular activities are: football, ball hockey, video games, go carting, movies, swimming.

Girls’ Night

  • Girls’ Night is a weekly evening set aside for an outing and a meal or snack. The girls are mainly Intermediates ranging in age from 12 to 17.
  • They have tried everything from miniature golf to an evening at the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Participants take an active role in planning the activities and learn to make decisions about budgeting resources.

Van Rides

  • Two or three evenings weekly regular participants who are 13 years or older book passage in the Rossbrook Van for an hour’s drive in and around the city. Favorite tunes are played until the ride ends with a treat.
  • The vans are used every evening to drive the children home in order to ensure their safety and to be certain there is someone at home to supervise them.

Ice Hockey

  • Ice time is booked once a week during the winter months for Rossbrook children and youth to have a recreational skate and pick up games of ice hockey.
  • A supply of skates, helmets and sticks are kept at Rossbrook so that all those who would like to learn to skate and play hockey may have the opportunity.