Healthy Kitchen Program

Since 1976, Rossbrook House has been a safe place to belong, play, learn and become… And sharing a meal together is another way of building community.

The after-school ‘snack’ is a long-standing tradition at Rossbrook House. Children and youth can count on having something yummy to eat when they walk in the doors after a busy day of learning.

The kitchen at Rossbrook House has a long history, too. From the early days of hot dogs and potato chips to a commercial-grade kitchen.

The Rossbrook House kitchen was upgraded in 2012 to what it is today, thanks to many generous supporters. These donations not only created an upgraded kitchen, but also The Healthy Kitchen Project, to provide delicious and nutritious meals to the participants and their families.

Since then, the kitchen has provided daily meals, twice a day to children and youth. As well as meals, snacks, and treats for events and special occasions.

Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Two staff work a variety of shifts so that the kitchen is covered 7 days a week. Each Junior Staff member also works a shift in the kitchen at least once a week.

Meals like soup, stew, and stir-fry are made from scratch.

Children and youth enter the building after school to the warm aroma of that day’s after-school meal. Still called ‘snack’, this meal is a hearty one that varies from day to day.

Weekends and summer days include brunch and late afternoon meals.

The Eagles’ Circle school students have a homemade lunch every weekday.

  • 25,000 meals are served throughout the year
  • Opportunities for participants to receive their Food Handler’s Certificate
  • Children and youth can learn about baking and cooking and healthy eating as part of programs

Community Support

Rossbrook House is fortunate to collaborate with various community organizations, including:


A weekly bread pickup from KUB Bread not only provides the Rossbrook House kitchen with bread but also Eagles’ Circle students can take home loaves of fresh bread and any leftovers are shared with the Bear Clan.

Twice monthly we visit Manitoba Harvest to select fresh vegetables, frozen meats, dairy products, and more.

The kitchen is also regularly used by the participants during programming like Cooking Club, Girls Night, or White Sash Keepers as they learn how to bake and cook, bringing home their own hand-made treats to their families.

We’re grateful for all of the community support, including the generous folks who drop off veggies from their gardens, cases of water, and other food donations.

Thank you!

Rossbrook House has also received a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation that goes towards food, equipment, and training like the Food Handler’s Training Program.