Rossbrook House provides daily programming, meals, outings, and activities to children and youth ages 6-24, 365 days of a year. During the summer months, the front doors of Rossbrook House never close. We are open 24 hours until the return to school.

As well as being a safe place all summer long, Rossbrook House provides opportunities for children and youth to explore places they may have never been before and to take part in new experiences!

Daily meals are also provided.

  • Summer Programs: Children and youth enjoy daily programs, from indoor movies and crafts to playing pool and ball hockey tournaments. There is a variety of daily activities for both age groups (6-11 & 12-24).
  • Summer Play Room: The 6-11-year-olds can hang out in the Play Room any weekday where there is a variety of things to do, like build with Lego, play basketball, or board games. They also get crafty and make different slime recipes, paint, and create tie-dye t-shirts.
  • Summer Outings: Children and youth enjoy many fun outings like Beach Days, the movies, trips to the zoo, cooling off at local pools and splash parks, the parks, Tinkertown, a Goldeyes game, and the Forks. And, summer wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the Bridge Drive-In for ice cream, a drive to Lockport to fish, or to the pool at Kildonan Park. Rossbrook House provides the transportation, meals, and admission fees for these fun day trips!

Camp (Youth Agency Alliance)

An alliance (YAA) of inner-city drop-in centres, of which Rossbrook is a member, organizes camping experiences for children ages 8 to 12. There is an overnight for the 8-10 year olds (Juni Camp) and a five-day camp for the 10-12 year olds (BB Camp).

Both camps take place at a licensed camp and are operated in partnership with staff from the coalition agencies.

Camp Maskwa

Rossbrook runs a camp during the last two weeks of July. This camp is located at the Maskwa Project, an environmental hostel and retreat centre on the Maskwa River near Pine Falls. The camp is a vacation for Rossbrook regulars.

Participants at the camp are put into groups to help with the meal preparation and to clean up afterward. The remainder of a person’s time can be spent: canoeing, swimming, water-skiing, fishing, playing board games, and sitting around a campfire.

Thanks to The Winnipeg Foundation Camp & Summer Programming Grant for providing funds for Camp Maskwa and Beach Days programming.

Summer Leadership Circle Program

The Leadership Circle Program gives children ages 10 to 12 the opportunity for volunteer work experience in the service of their community. The children are given four-hour shifts in which they give back to the community, tour different businesses, and meet inspiring leaders.

An honorarium is given at the completion of the participant’s hours. They are then taken shopping for new clothes and other school items. The program builds self-esteem and teaches community spirit. It is a valuable work experience that gives children a model for earning and spending money.

All summer long, programs, activities, and outings are planned for the two age groups; Energy Plus (6-11) and Intermediate (12-24). This all is a part of the #SummerFun at Rossbrook House!

Daily meals are served.

Watch the video from Camp Maskwa 2023.

Watch our video below for a recap of our summer 2023 adventures!

Thanks to CIBC Children’s Foundation Miracle Day Wood Gundy Employees, Winnipeg for providing funds for our Learning Always Summer Activities Program.