Arts And Culture

Music Program

The Rossbrook House Music Program is a creative forum for youth in our community. Young people can express themselves in many mediums that all share the common root of music. These mediums and activities include:

  • Playing guitar, drums, and keyboards
  • Singing and song writing
  • Creating sound tracks with specially designed software

The music program operates on Sunday afternoons, Monday and Wednesday evenings. It is led by experienced, contracted music instructors.

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Culture Club

Each week participants of all ages are invited to take part in cultural activities that include:

  • learning to bead on a loom
  • learning to sing and drum
  • smudging
  • the offering of tobacco
  • storytelling of legends and traditions

Pow Wow Program

Each spring in preparation for our annual Pow Wow there are weekly traditional dance practices. Students from the alternative schools as well as interested children and youth who come to Rossbrook House get instructions from qualified teachers. It all comes together for our annual May Pow Wow on the Freight House Field off Ross Avenue.


White Sash Keepers

Culturally focused activities for youth

The White Sash Keepers program provides weekly activities, cultural teachings and opportunities for service work for boys and girls ages 12 to 18.  As well as fostering positive cultural identity, a greater sense of belonging and personal self-esteem, the program activities aim to lower barriers to employment for Aboriginal Youth.

A group of 8 children and youth  (4 male ‘white sash’ and 4 female ‘keepers’) participate in 12-week sessions that includes planning meetings, volunteer work, and fun outings. A cultural component is included.

Three sessions are held annually. At the end of the program a completion ceremony takes place.