Rossbrook House is open every day for children and youth. Some programs, activities and outings are taking place in small groups.

A face mask or a face covering is required and is also made available to all participants.

Children and youth can check the calendars to see what is happening each day. Parents may, if they wish, call the main line to inquire during regular business hours: (204) 949-4090.


The children and youth initiate the programs offered. Programming is flexible and unfolds naturally as needs and desires are expressed. Sports, cultural activities and recreational outings are always popular activities.

The heart and soul of Rossbrook is the drop-in. Rossbrook House belongs to the children and youth. It is a safe place to belong, play, learn and become…

It is a place where they meet their needs for socialization, recreation, personal development and crisis intervention, when necessary.

The informal atmosphere at Rossbrook lends itself to spontaneous games of pool, cards, and board games. It’s where the kids can share a meal and meet new friends.

Rossbrook House is a ‘home away from home’ for over 1,000 children and youth each year.

Ages 6-12 (Energy Plus) and the Intermediates (ages 13-18) check the monthly calendar to see what’s happening each day or evening.

The calendar includes regular weekly programming like Learning Always, music, or cooking class as well as special activities like a dance or celebration.

It also includes outings like bowling, swimming or sports.

Other fun outings that happen throughout the year might include special outings that often have a limited number of available spaces/tickets and may require participants to sign up.

Rossbrook is open 365 days of the year, 24 hours on weekends and any school holidays. The building closes at 12:00 midnight on school days. Drop-in hours begin at 3:30pm on school days.