The Music Program

The Rossbrook House Music Program is a creative forum for children and youth in our community. Young people, ages 6-24, can express themselves in many mediums that all share the common root of music.

This drop-in program runs several times each week and offers free musical instruction and much more!

  • Playing guitar, drums, and keyboards
  • Singing and songwriting
  • Creating soundtracks with specially designed software

The music program operates on Sunday afternoons, as well as Monday evenings. It is led by experienced, contracted music instructors.

Students in the off-campus school programs from Wi Wabigooni and Eagles’ Circle also experience music lessons as part of their curriculum.

The music program is an opportunity for children and youth to become excited about music and the learning process in a fun and supportive learning environment.

The children and youth who have taken part in the music program have had a variety of opportunities from composing their own music to radio performances, and live concert performances to large audiences including at the Rossbrook House 40th anniversary celebration, The United Way Campaign Celebration and a performance with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!

The students range in age and musical abilities. Many would not have ever even picked up a guitar if not for the music program. Over the years, the music program has seen hundreds of kids. Many have a passion for music. And a few have a real gift. The lessons can help them to realize their dreams!


“It’s a safe place and you get to make friends.”

-Evander, age 9