Pow Wow 2023

Rossbrook House 2023 Pow Wow was held Thursday, May 18, 5:30pm

Community dancers and drummers will take part in this annual Pow Wow. As well as children and youth from Rossbrook House and the three off-campus schools.

The annual Pow Wow is another way that Rossbrook House has supported its community, bringing dancers and drummers together.

Children and youth have been learning how to dance for decades and learning the significance of the Pow Wow circle.


Pow Wow practices at Rossbrook House began Thursday, April 13 for all children and youth who are interested. The practice sessions include cultural teachings.

Children and youth from Rossbrook House have shared their culture with others through dance at both the 2016 and 2019 No Child Alone Dinners.

History of the Rossbrook House Pow Wow

In the early 1980’s Millie Stonechild began to work with a group of students at Eagles’ Circle, sharing teachings and culture.  In the process, the students began to learn Pow Wow dancing. The participants included Valerie Mink (now Henderson), Sally Ogemah, Jackie Guimond, Bobby Guibeault, Denise Parisien, Theresa Land, Danny Patenaude, and others.

This was the beginning of the first group of Rossbrook dancers, who began dancing at local Pow Wows.


The first Rossbrook Pow Wow was held in the spring of 1982 at St. Ignatius Church as a thank you to the parish for sponsoring Wi Wabigooni as an off-campus school program for children in Grades 4 to 6.  Wi Wabigooni students joined the Eagles’ Circle dancers.

From those beginnings, the involvement grew to include participants at Rossbrook House as well as community dancers.


Learn more about the history of the Rossbrook House Pow Wow and the regalia worn by the dancers here: History