Order of Canada for Sisters Bernadette and Margaret

Last month the list of inductees for the 2022 Order of Canada was announced and included Sister Bernadette O’ Reilly and Sister Margaret Hughes.

Both Sister Margaret and Sister B., as she is affectionately known at Rossbrook House, are beloved and respected at Rossbrook House. Their dedication to the children and youth of Rossbrook House is well documented through their work. Both will be inducted as members of the Order of Canada, along with 69 others.

“The complementary team of Sister Bernadette and Sister Margaret put reconciliation into their actions since moving into the inner-city of Winnipeg in the 1970’s. Their presence and humour made them a joy to be around, and in times of sorrow, they knew how to stand by others,”  Rossbrook House Executive Director Phil Chiappetta said. “They both loved and built community through their work and their lives.  They showed up, they were present.”

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“Sister Bernadette was a true leader who walked side by side young people as they shaped her life at Rossbrook House. Sister Margaret was an action-oriented legend through innovative work at her beloved Wi Wabigooni elementary school program. No opportunity for the students was left unturned,” Phil added.



Sister Geraldine MacNamara, who helped to create Rossbrook House in 1976, also received the Order of Canada in 1983. WATCH the video here.