Looking Forward

Have you ever asked yourself ….

How can I continue to make a difference once I’m gone? ….

How can I ensure my values continue being valued?


Making a Planned Gift can answer both of these questions.


Planned gifts are major gifts made in collaboration with a donor’s financial and/or estate planning. These can include, but are not limited to, bequests and naming the charity of your choice as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Some individuals who arrange for a planned gift choose to keep it to themselves while others choose to inform the charity they’ve chosen. Both are respected and worthy options, and a personal decision.

Those who have made known their arrangements of a planned gift in support of Rossbrook House or the Foundation comprise Rossbrook House Foundation’s Legacy Circle.


Making a legacy gift is a way of communicating to the world what is important to you. It’s also a kindness to one’s Executor and family members who may be looking for ways to honour your memory.

– Jeff & Mary Morton, Legacy Circle Members –


If you have arranged for a planned gift in support of Rossbrook House we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Stephanie at slambert@rossbrookhouse.ca or 204.949.4092.


Rossbrook House Foundation Legacy Circle


Each year, Rossbrook House Foundation highlights a member of our Legacy Circle. These features can be viewed online by clicking here. The Foundation is grateful to Jeff and Mary Morton for sharing a part of their story with us this year.

Jeff and Mary say they both grew up in homes where they were taught to give back to their communities.

“Our parents prioritized volunteering and sharing what they had through financial donations and/or investing their time in community-focused organizations,” Mary says.

As parents and grandparents, Mary and Jeff both believe all children have a right to personal security, to opportunities that allow them to develop socially, spiritually, intellectually, and physically, and to lots and lots of love.

They say that Rossbrook House offers all these opportunities.

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For more information on the Legacy Circle and planned giving in support of Rossbrook House: