Alicia Spence has been attending the University of Manitoba Inner City Social Work program, Bachelor of Social Work, since September of 2019. In September of 2020 she also enrolled in online classes at the University of Winnipeg in the Bachelor of Education program.

Her plans for her education will allow her to support and build relationships with youth who are in care.

The Gikendaaso Scholarship

In 2019, Alicia received the Gikendaaso Scholarship.

The Young Mother’s program

Alicia and her son, who is now 6, were a part of the Young Mothers program at Rossbrook House. The past spring and summer was hectic with online learning for both of them.

Alicia’s son is her inspiration for wanting to build a brighter future, not only for her own child, but for other inner-city children.

The Sister Bernadette O’Reilly Scholarship

We’re thrilled to award Alicia Spence the Sister Bernadette O’Reilly scholarship for 2020. Congratulations Alicia

You can view the online ceremony here.