ACM 2024 recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Community Meeting June 27, 2024. The Foundation and Rossbrook House boards shared their reports with the community.


Read the annual report. Click here.

Read the Foundation’s community report. Click here.

We heard from Executive Director, Patty Mainville and Rossbrook House board president, Karen Cook, Foundation Chair, Larry McIntosh, plus Gil Grenier shared financial information from 2023/24. Melissa Dvorak thanked retiring board members and Leslie Galloway presented the volunteer award.

We also celebrated board members, staff, volunteers, and participants.


Kiwanis Club of Winnipeg received the Leslie Galloway Volunteer Award for many years of supporting Rossbrook House.

The club’s support includes annual shopping trips for 50 kids to Toys R Us and the newly created monetary scholarship awards for 4 students at our annual grad ceremony.

As their membership has gotten smaller over the years, they wanted to ensure that their support of Rossbrook House children and youth would continue. They recently started an Agency Fund with the Winnipeg Foundation to ensure that the annual trips to Toys R Us and the student awards continue for years to come.



Two participants received special awards, presented by Program Coordinator Lori. Congratulations to Brandon on receiving the Andy Rupert Award for his sports involvement and Jackson who received the Sister MacNamara award.

These awards are voted on annually by the staff. Lori shared that Brandon is “the epitome of an athlete, he plays basketball, football, hockey, and volleyball. He is a powwow dancer, a ping pong player, and a boxer as well as a junior pool league player.”  Brandon is always eager to lend a hand and is well thought of amongst his peers and staff. He graduated from Gonzaga Middle School and will attend St Paul’s High School. He will be playing Junior Varsity Football and once that is over, he will be on the ice.


Jackson is considered the ‘unofficial welcome wagon’ at Rossbrook House. He has been a regular participant since 2016. Lori shared that Jackson “has been a part of every program Rossbrook House has to offer from Learning Always to White Sash to Leadership to powwow club.” He’s also participated in Rossbrook House powwows and this summer he will dance on the powwow trail. This past spring, Jackson made his own hand drum and performed an honour song at the No Child Alone Dinner.

“Rossbrook means everything to me,” Jackson said. “Meeting all these new people, helping the community, and being able to have these opportunities that nobody else would have.”

Congratulations to these future leaders who are inspiring our younger participants every day.



Staff service awards were handed out to James for ten years of service. And to Lloyd for 25 years with Rossbrook House.

Terry shared a few words about Lloyd and explained that his tenure with Rossbrook House is actually longer than 25 years. After a few years away, he returned, and, likely, many could not imagine Rossbrook House without him. Lloyd is often the first one to greet you at the door if you are making a delivery or donation and is the first one to welcome a former participant or staff at the door with a big smile! We’re grateful for all that he does for Rossbrook House.

Lloyd shared that Sister Gerry often told him that she “saw something in me”. A great compliment from a great woman. He was part of the original crew and in 2001 said; “It was sad for me to leave in 1991, but I am glad to be back today and be part of the new addition.”

Thank you Lloyd for all that you do for Rossbrook House.



Former ED Phil Chiappetta shared stories about Program and Operations Manager, Warren Goulet. Warren will be retiring from daily duties with Rossbrook House at the end of the summer.

Warren is an integral part of Rossbrook House, helping to create it with Sister Geraldine MacNamara and a few other community youth in 1976. Warren will continue to be a part of Rossbrook House. Who else will take the kids fishing or boating at Camp Maskwa!?

Phil explained how Warren was a big help to him when he became Executive Director many years ago, as well as what a presence Warren has been right from the start. Well known in the community, people ask about him all the time. While sharing a few stories, Phil said it was difficult to sum up “such a great character”.

Warren also said a few words to our guests at the ACM and expressed “what a blessing” Rossbrook House has been in his life. Without it, he said, he would likely not have had the life he has, filled with work, family, and friends.

Warren is an avid pool player and outdoorsman who enjoys taking participants fishing, ice fishing, and boating. He is a big part of our annual summer camp trips.

In 2001 Warren said, “It is a real joy and honour to be a part of the Rossbrook community.” In the early days of Rossbrook House, Warren was described as someone who kept an eye out for everyone. And that hasn’t really changed. We wish Warren all the best in his retirement.


Larry McIntosh asked the guests at the ACM to help spread the word about Rossbrook House:

“When I meet people, I proudly tell them that I am on the Rossbrook House Foundation Board. Over half the people I meet in Winnipeg have never heard of Rossbrook House. At first that bothered me.  How could people not know about Rossbrook House? Now I look at it as a huge opportunity for us. I believe one of the Foundation’s goals for this year is to educate more people about the great work that Rossbrook House does, every day, 365 days a year.

We need to tell more people about the programs, safe rides and a safe place for Children and Youth. Most people that know Rossbrook House, love what we do and donate what they can. Let’s tell more people.

As we all know, costs are going up in so many areas of our lives. The same is true for Rossbrook House. While we will continue to rely on our current generous donors, to keep up with the rising costs and demands that Rossbrook House is experiencing, we need to bring in new donors as well. That should be one of our goals

If you see what Rossbrook House does, please say something to everyone you know. Let’s get the word out about this great place so we can continue to be a safe place for children and youth to belong, play, learn and become for many generations.”

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