No Child Alone Dinner 2024 Thank You

Celebrating the words that Sister MacNamara spoke many years ago, ‘No child who does not want to be alone, should ever have to be’… at a fundraising dinner.

The No Child Alone Dinner was created to celebrate the first 40 years of Rossbrook House in 2016. Since then, the Foundation has held a few more dinners, with the latest happening just last week.


Autumn kept the evening on track as the emcee. Both she and Asher shared their inspiring experiences with Rossbrook House.

“Being a part of something like Rossbrook House gives me a purpose in life to continue doing what I know best, and that is trying to make a difference in the lives of children and youth. I’ve learned a lot, and the kids teach me something new every day. They’re so smart and creative. They inspire me.” -Autumn

A group of participants made hand drums to play an honour song at the beginning of the evening with Matt Mousseau.

Thank you to honorary chair Phil Chiappetta and ED Patty Mainville for helping the guests to better understand what Rossbrook House is about.

In addition to the silent auction and door prize, auctioneer Leighton Klassen led us through a fun auction to raise funds for the Safe Rides Home program.

Guests took home gifts made by the students from the off-campus school programs and Rossbrook House drop-in participants.

“We hope you will take them home as a reminder of this evening- and hopefully you will also take home an inspiring story that has touched your heart.”- Autumn

Thank you to all who attended in support of Rossbrook House programs, and to the Dinner sponsors and corporate table purchasers.

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“Where Rossbrook House is located is not the best area, but it is an area where there is the need for a place like Rossbrook House.  It impacts the children and youth who need it most.” -Asher

Thank you to Rossbrook House Foundation and the No Child Alone Dinner committee for all you do for the children and youth of Rossbrook House.