Update: Cleaner Air, Safer Space


As you may be aware, since its establishment in 1976, Rossbrook House prides itself on being a safe place for children and youth ages 6 to 24 to belong, play, learn and become… Now, 47 years later they find themselves in need of updating 658 Ross Ave, an aging building which was built in 1948, specifically the building aspects which contribute to safer CO2 ventilation and High Efficiency Furnaces that work together in accordance with current ASHRAE guidelines.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have surpassed our original goal of $150,000, receiving just over $160,000 in support of the HVAC upgrades. However, as anyone who has done a renovation project before knows, one should expect the unexpected. With this knowledge, combined with our various quotes, we are hoping to raise $200,000 to cover associated expenses.

As reported in the spring newsletter, work has already started on the upgrades, with a mechanical engineer having submitted the applicable drawings and committing to assist with the selection of the right contractor for the job. The project will include the four furnaces, air conditioning, ductwork, outflow, chimney & more.

Rossbrook House has now received quotes from prospective contractors. These quotes will be reviewed by the mechanical engineer, along with Rossbrook House’s Management Support Coordinator and Executive Director to determine who will be awarded the contract.

Should you wish to financially support this project, the easiest way is online by clicking here and selecting Cleaner Air Safer Space as the associated Fund. Alternatively, you can donate via:

  • Cheque, payable to Rossbrook House Foundation, noting HVAC or Cleaner Air Safer Space in the memo or accompanying note.
  • Gifts of Securities or Mutual Funds by clicking here and noting HVAC or Cleaner Air Safer Space in the optional message to charity section of the online form.
  • Direct Debits by clicking here and noting HVAC or Cleaner Air Safer Space in the additional comments section of the online form.

If you have any specific questions regarding the HVAC upgrades please connect with Executive Director Patty Mainville by phone 204.949.4093 or email.

If you have any questions regarding how to donate, please connect with Donor Relations Officer Stephanie Lambert by phone 204.949.4092 or email.