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Cold City Warm Hearts

It all began in 2017.   For four years in a row, the children of Rossbrook House and IRCOM gathered for one evening of classic winter fun at FortWhyte Alive! It was a winter party we called “Cold City, Warm Hearts”. The intention was to show our neighbours at IRCOM that winter can be fun.     In 2017, Rossbrook House Executive Director, Phil Chiappetta said: “In previous years, we’ve invited our friends at IRCOM, otherwise known as the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba, to across cultures events, sharing traditional foods, music and dance together. That’s always been
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Winter Fun!

For the past 4 Februarys, (excluding 2021) Rossbrook House and IRCOM (Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba) have met up at FortWhyte Alive for a winter party we call “Cold City, Warm Hearts”.   The idea came out of wanting to show Winnipeg newcomers that winter can be tons of fun. The delighted squeals, laughter and smiles keep everyone warm as they take part in a bannock bake, learn to snowshoe, go down the thrilling toboggan run and get tossed in the Inuit blanket toss. Winter Fun is at the max! FortWhyte Alive generously opens their doors for a
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