Support Children and Youth

Jennifer Flamand, has been involved with Rossbrook House since 2009 as a teacher in two of their off-campus schools, Eagles’ Circle Junior High and Rising Sun High School.

The connections that we form with students are like no other school I have ever experienced. The spaces provided to us by Rossbrook House provide a comfortable atmosphere. The smaller class size and the feeling of belonging are a huge part of why these schools work for our students.

I have worked with the Rossbrook House staff in many different aspects of my job. I love how they hire from within and support the youth through various programs and opportunities. I am proud to be connected with such an amazing group of people at Rossbrook House. They truly care about the children and youth who attend the various programs and are making a difference in the community.

I look forward to working with Rossbrook House schools for many years to come.


You can help ensure those years do come!


Ongoing support from donors allows Rossbrook House to focus its resources on providing opportunities for meaningful connections, like those Jennifer forms with her students, and supporting the children and youth through various programs & activities.

“Monthly donations are like a monthly pause; a way for me to remember, to honour and to support the embrace that is Rossbrook House for so many.” – Maria Vigna, monthly donor & former Rossbrook House Co-Executive Director

Please consider supporting Rossbrook House as a monthly donor.


As a donor, it’s convenient and predictable.

“Giving monthly helps me budget, I never miss making my donation and Rossbrook is able to count on my support.” – Ron Bailey, monthly donor & Past Chair, Rossbrook House Foundation Board of Directors

For Rossbrook House it assists with budgeting through the provision of reliable year-round funding, allowing staff to focus resources on the participants & programming, instead of focusing on how to pay the bills.

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