Summer 2023 is on at Rossbrook House!

This summer will be a memorable one for children & youth.


“I like summer because we go swimming at the outdoor pools and walks to the park.”

Emily, age 10

Summer at Rossbrook House will include:

  • Daily meals,
  • Fun activities,
  • Outings like Beach Days,
  • Camp Maskwa (for youth),
  • Doors open 24 hours!

Children (ages 6-11) and youth (ages 12-24) can drop in to check the calendars and see what’s happening each day. Regular participants are anticipating the fun outings and activities that await them.

“Summer at Rossbrook House is amazing as an intermediate (ages 12-17). Making new friends practically every day because there are many new faces walking through the doors. Whether it’s blasting music and singing our hearts out in the van or even just having a nice talk, it’s fun to just be around people where you can be yourself.” | Tristian, age 16

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These are some of our favourite things!

“My favourite things to do are van rides, going to the beach, going to parks. I am hoping we do more fun outings and activities.” | Anika, age 13

“My favourite things about the summer at Rossbrook House are going to the beach and the summer games.” | Dalton, age 9

“I like to go swimming at the outdoor pools and the beach, and going bowling, and to Wheelies with Rossbrook House.” | Pyriel, age 8

“Swimming, staying up late because there is no school and going places with Rossbrook House.” | Bella, age 13

“I like going swimming at the beach and going to splash pads with Rossbrook House in the summer.” | Kaleb, age 9

Activities we’re looking forward to!

“Playing football, hanging out with my friends at Rossbrook House, and going to Camp Maskwa with them.” | Adam, age 14

“We are looking forward to going to the pool this summer with Rossbrook House.” | Sunshine & Sunrise, 11-year-old twins

“I’m looking forward to just being myself this summer. When I’m at Rossbrook House, I get to be me. At Rossbrook House anyone can be who they want to be with no judgment. I’m also looking forward to making new friends. Ever since I came to Rossbrook House I’ve become friends with almost everyone there. They make me laugh and I have a really good time while I’m with them.” | Tristian, age 16

“I’m looking forward to going to the outdoor pool and swimming.” | Dalton, age 9

“I am looking forward to no school, outings, and the nice weather.”| Zandy, age 10


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August Schedule for ages 6-11:

Summer is a busy time at Rossbrook House. Safety and fun are both on the agenda.

Keeping the doors open, 24 hours, when school is out is a long-standing tradition at Rossbrook House. Providing a safe space since 1976 for children and youth because ‘no child who does not want to be alone, should ever have to be’.

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Watch this short video to see some smiling faces enjoying summer activities with Rossbrook House!