Shannon Allard graduated in 2019 from the Inner City Social Work Program through the University of Manitoba.  She is now employed as a direct service worker for children, youth and families.

Shannon is a mom to six children. Three of her sons attend Rossbrook on a regular basis and she and her family attend many Rossbrook House events.

She received a scholarship in 2017 as well as in 2018.

The award I received from Rossbrook has alleviated some financial strain as well as help to provide some much needed items for my children”, Shannon said.


Her future plans include getting her master’s degree. She would like to work in child welfare or community development, with the hopes of keeping families together.

The support from Rossbrook has made a huge impact on our family as I know my children are safe and in a caring and supportive environment, which has enabled me to get a lot of course work done! I am very thankful for the generosity.

Shannon received the Gikendaaso Scholarship (2018), an Ojibway word meaning smart, intelligent, educated.

The Gikendaaso Scholarship is a gift to Rossbrook House from Christine Skene and Nick Logan. Thank you Christine and Nick for sharing your generosity with Rossbrook House.