Rossbrook House Turns 47!

Rossbrook House turns 47 in January (2023)  and we’re celebrating the dozens and dozens of participants who have come through our doors to take part in programs or to simply hang out.


We are thrilled that we have been able to be a safe place for children and youth to belong, play, learn and become…


Here are a few words from current and former staff and participants. They have shared their experiences, gratitude and love for Rossbrook House:

“Rossbrook House is where I was able to be myself without judgement and gain my confidence.” | Rachel, former participant

“Rossbrook house is the place I have met so many people and today I am still friends with them! Rossbrook House has been in my life since 1980 and will always be there in my mind and my heart.” | Shirley, former participant

“I remember about 40 years ago we loaded up the big red van and went for drives and ice cream!” | Marvin, former participant

“I’ve been going to Rossbrook House since I was five years old and became a Junior Staff when I was 12.” | Autumn, senior staff

“Rossbrook House is a great place. You feel at home.” | Emily, junior staff

“It helps me to connect to resources and learn important skills like budgeting and coping with stress.  We have been able to participate in fun activities that we might not otherwise be able to.” | Alex, Young Mothers’ program participant

“I would like people to know that Rossbrook House is a safe space for children and youth that gives many opportunities and has open doors!” | Dale, junior staff

“I became involved in Powwow as a Jingle Dress dancer at a time in my life where I needed to connect with my Indigenous teachings, traditions, and ceremony.  It has always been a part of who I was and wanted to share with youth the teachings of being a dancer that could be instilled in all aspects of one’s life.” | Patty Mainville, Executive Director

“I would like people to know how fun and welcoming Rossbrook House is.” | Kylissa, junior staff

“I look forward to going on outings like the beach, splash pads, parks, uptown alley, and wheelies. I’m glad Rossbrook House is open all summer because it’s a fun place to be and somewhere I can go when I want to get out of the house.”  | Shaylene, participant

“We have lots of memories with Rossbrook House; Pow Wows, Learning Always, going to Disneyworld with Dreams Take Flight, and zoo outings and public speaking.” | Brandon, Drayton, and Tristian, participants/brothers

“Rossbrook House gives a person a sense of belonging and that’s important to me. I didn’t feel that I fit in at other places. Here, I was included, and my voice mattered.” | Val, senior staff

“I think in some ways, right from the beginning, Rossbrook was trying to expand kids’ horizons. But part of that was just to get kids outside of the regular environment that they’d always been in.” | Phil Chiappetta, former Executive Director of Rossbrook House

“I am appreciative for the bursaries that Rossbrook House provides to students. I know that they have helped some of my high school graduates be able to attend post-secondary. Knowing they have that bit of financial support is life-changing for some of them.” | Jennifer Flamand, Rising Sun Teacher

“Rossbrook House is a really good place and has a lot of kind people and the staff treats the kids good.” | Page, participant


We’re thankful for all of the many volunteers and supporters who have helped us along the way over the years. And we’re looking forward to what this next year will bring.

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