New Year Resolutions and a Strategic Plan

It’s the time of year when many start thinking about implementing their New Year’s Resolutions. 

Some resolutions may focus on one’s physical or mental health, such as going to the gym. Others may focus around giving back to the community, such as volunteering or donating. When we think about New Year’s Resolutions, what are they really? They’re goal(s) to reach in the coming year. 

Rossbrook House Foundation Board and Staff came together this past fall to reflect and look forward with the goal of creating a Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan was approved in December and similar to New Year’s Resolutions is filled with goals. Unlike New Year’s Resolutions, these goals are for the next few years. 


The Foundation is happy to share the Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2025 with you. 

Mission | To assist Rossbrook House in supporting its programs and operations as well as funding its scholarship and award activities. 

Vision | Meeting or exceeding the needs of children and youth while embracing the spirit of Rossbrook House. 


  • Nurturing Donor Relationships 
  • Alignment and Cooperation with Rossbrook House 
  • Share the Vision and Stories of Rossbrook House 

How is the Foundation going to ensure that our Strategic Plan doesn’t fizzle out like many New Year’s Resolutions? 

  • Each goal has been broken into smaller projects 
  • Staff will meet on a regular basis to discuss progress, challenges, next steps 
  • Updates on the Foundation’s Strategic Plan will be a standing agenda item for Foundation Board meetings moving forward  

These are tools that you can implement to assist with your own personal New Year’s Resolutions. By breaking your resolution into attainable targets, it will seem less daunting. And by having check-in meetings with a friend, you can keep each other accountable and provide encouragement. 

Whatever your resolutions, whatever 2023 throws at you, the Foundation wishes you and yours good health and a happy new year! 

For more information on the Foundation visit or contact Stephanie at or 204.949.4092.