Mother Earth, We Love You

Rossbrook House and Green Action Centre have teamed up with Depave Paradise project and removed concrete in front of Rossbrook House to create a beautiful garden/green space for all to enjoy. The new frontage is called Maamaa-Ahki Gizaagi-igoo: Mother Earth, We Love You.


Since the planting:

Have you checked out the new garden in front of Rossbrook House yet? Not only did many children and youth assist with the planting, they are also committed to keeping the new area looking beautiful!

Thank you to our garden team who are keeping our newly planted garden looking great. They are weeding, watering and picking up trash as needed. Rossbrook House is so fortunate to have such keen helpers!

Stop by 658 Ross Avenue to have a look at the new benches and limestone seating area.

Thank you

Thank you to all who came out July 9 to remove the concrete from in front of Rossbrook House. The day went very well, thanks to all of you. Thank you to Rossbrook House children and youth who planted July 15. Be sure to talk a walk past our new frontage and check it out!


Here’s what we planted:

  • Blue Grama Grass
  • June Grass
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Blue Eyed Grass
  • Three Flowered Avens
  • Uplands White Aster
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Coneflower
  • Yarrow
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Purple Coneflower
  • and, a Paper Birch Tree

The depaving event on July 9.

We had many volunteers, including Rossbrook House staff and youth help with the depaving. Thank you to Green Action Centre, Depave Paradise Project and Green Communities Canada.

The depaving crew.

Participants painted concrete that will be used to make the new benches.


Working with Josep Seras Gubert, Sustainability Projects Coordinator from Green Action Centre has been enjoyable and inspiring. We can’t wait to share the new space with our neighbours.

Past depaving projects have included rain gardens, edible gardens, sensory gardens, naturalization, planting of trees, and green playgrounds.

“Green Action Centre feels very excited and proud to co-design a project where community members will come together in the spring to tear up concrete and create a new green space,” Josep said. “We have amazing professional collaborations like HTFC, a firm specializing in landscape architecture, providing us technical support. However, the most important collaboration is you. That is why we invite you to join this project to bring beauty and natural life to the neighbourhood.”

Contractors: Urban Jungle


More information:

Once you tear up the pavement there are lots of options for greening. Past projects have included rain gardens, edible gardens, sensory gardens, naturalization, planting of trees, and green playgrounds.

You can learn more at

Before the depaving:

Blessing Ceremony

A Blessing Ceremony was held in front of Rossbrook House on November 8. Knowledge Keepers Sheldon Cote and Carey Sinclair conducted a blessing ceremony with the assistance of the Learning Always participants this week. The children were shown how to spread tobacco as part of the blessing. Cultural teachings are a part of the Learning Always after-school program.

The blessing ceremony was held in anticipation of the Depave Paradise project that Rossbrook House is undertaking with Green Action Centre.