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Since 1976, Rossbrook House has been a safe place for children and youth to belong, play, learn and become…

What Rossbrook House Means to:


“Rossbrook has definitely impacted my life for the better and gave me many opportunities that have helped me grow into an independent young woman. Rossbrook House is important to me because it’s a safe environment. Everyone makes you feel welcome. It’s like another home away from home.”

Keisha, Former Participant and Junior Staff

“We have lots of memories with Rossbrook House; Pow Wows, Learning Always, going to Disneyworld with Dreams Take Flight, and zoo outings and public speaking. It’s a safe place to go, to spend time with friends, learn and experience many things with the programs and outings.”

Brandon, Drayton, and Tristian, Brothers/Participants


“Eagles’ Circle school changed my perspective on Indigenous Peoples. At one time, I was ashamed of who I was because of the bullying I went through. Eagles’ Circle teachers helped me realize that I can be proud of my heritage through cultural events, Indigenous oriented plays, pow wow, writing and learning how to bead. I became proud of being Indigenous.”

Valerie, Senior Staff/Supervisor

“Rossbrook is important to the community because they give kids a safe place to go, giving them opportunities to experience new things.”

Lavanna, Former Participant and Junior Staff, Now Senior Staff

The Community

“Rossbrook provides many opportunities to many people. There is lots of friendly, welcoming staff. It’s a place for everyone to go. The staff push you to set and reach goals and help to build self esteem for the children. My sons have been helped in so many ways and have learned so many skills with the help from Rossbrook.”

Shannon, Mom of participants

Rossbrook House is open 365 days of the year and provides:

  • Daily meals
  • Employment
  • Programming
  • Activities/Outings
  • Safe rides home


You can support Rossbrook House and its vision that “No child that does not want to be alone, should ever have to be” by becoming a donor.

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Rossbrook House Memories

“Rossbrook House is where I was able to be myself without judgement and gain my confidence.”

Rachel, former participant

“I have worked at Rossbrook House schools most of my teaching career and have many great memories! Some of my favourite moments are taking the students to camp and just letting them get away and be kids for a few days.  Financial help from Rossbrook House always ensured this was a possibility!

I also am super appreciative for the bursaries that Rossbrook House provides to students.  I know that they have helped some of my high school graduates be able to attend post-secondary.  Knowing they have that bit of financial support is life changing for some of them.”

Jennifer, Rising Sun Teacher

“Rossbrook House has been in my life since 1980 and will always be in my heart. I attended two of their schools and I know I had the best teachers ever! I have met so many people and am still friends with them.”

Shirley, former student and participant

“My memories are driving in the van almost every day and either going to McDonald’s or 7-11. Then beating the other kids in pool.”

Georgina, former participant

“I have vivid memories of going there with my older brother and sister who worked there in 1976/77.  I would tag along. I was about 12 or 13. I made friends there that I still remember to this day.”

 Maureen, former participant

“I remember about 40 years ago we loaded up the big red van and went for drives and ice cream.  In summer we would go often go to Grand Beach for the day… I have many fond memories!

Marvin, former participant