The Gikendaaso Scholarship

The Gikendaaso Scholarship was generously created by Nick Logan in honour of his wife, Christine Skene. Their goal is to encourage and champion young women who are pursuing post secondary education.

The award is named the Gikendaaso, an Ojibway word meaning smart, intelligent, educated.  A fitting meaning for both the benefactor and the recipient.

Thank you Christine and Nick for sharing your generosity with Rossbrook House.

2020 Recipient

The 2020 recipient of the Gikendaaso Scholarship is Monique Desjarlais.

Monique is accepted in the University of Winnipeg’s Post Baccalaureate’s Indigenous Knowledge diploma program in education.

She is currently working at The Momentum Centre where she facilitates an employment program for Winnipeg youth.

She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2015 with her Bachelor of Education degree.


Monique is a former participant and staff member of Rossbrook House.

She says that “Rossbrook House has helped her in many ways and she will always be grateful for the opportunities!”

We are pleased to be able to help her to follow her dreams and present Monique with the Gikendaaso  Scholarship.

Congratulations Monique!

You can view the 2020 virtual Scholarship awards here.