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“The smiles say it all. It’s been a pleasure meeting the families at Rossbrook. We all have a story to tell and lessons to learn,” says Jane Quinton, Rossbrook House Foundation Chair.


Rossbrook House Foundation was created in 2006 to financially support Rossbrook House, an inner-city drop-in centre for children and youth. The Foundation is made up of volunteer board, and committee, members who believe in the mission and vision of Rossbrook House.


Tom Dooley was involved in helping to set up the Foundation in 2005 to raise funds and help provide sustainable funding to support the programs and activities of Rossbrook House. After the initial legal and organizational work was completed, he continued as a volunteer director, and later Chair, of the Board of the Foundation.

“I was impressed by the programming offered at Rossbrook House, the energy and joy of the children and the sensitivity of the staff to the children,” Tom says. “In my visits to Rossbrook House I saw firsthand the work being done in providing a safe place to belong, play, learn, and become…”


In the past few years, the Foundation’s focus has shifted to include fundraising.

“The public at large in the City of Winnipeg need to be aware that our youth need places and programs like Rossbrook House,” says Jeff Coleman, Fund Development Committee Chair and Rossbrook House Foundation Director.


The Foundation provides supporters of Rossbrook House with a vehicle to support, through donations, events, planned gifts and more! All support received by the Foundation goes to financially supporting the day-to-day activities and programs for Rossbrook House participants.

“Thanks to our generous donors, in addition to programs and activities, we have high school graduates coming through Rossbrook House supported schools. We also offer career opportunities and scholarships,” Jeff shares.

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Additional information on Rossbrook House Foundation can be found at rossbrookhouse.ca/foundation