Keeping up with the growing demand.

Prior estates received have allowed Rossbrook House to improve services and keep up with the growing demand.

Estates have been received as part of a donor’s Planned Gift. Planned gifts are major gifts made in collaboration with a donor’s financial &/or estate planning. The most common type of planned gift is a bequest – a gift left in one’s will.

With the consistent population and cost-of-living increases, Rossbrook House faces the never-ending challenge of balancing budget with providing for local youth. Planned Gifts have been welcomed supplements to Rossbrook’s core funders and private donors. These supplements allow for investment in staffing, operations and programming.

Investing in staffing ensures staff-to-participant ratios that provide safety for all, and lends to expanded programming opportunities. Rossbrook House is proud to offer staff professional development opportunities, such as first aid and conflict resolution.

Investing in operations ensures that our “lights stay on” as our doors remain open 24/7 and that our building & vehicles remains safe & accessible. Life doesn’t end at sun down, or end of the business week, keeping our lights on when others have gone to bed provides a safe place for children, who do not want to be alone, to go.

Investing in programming ensures a variety of opportunities for children and youth to explore, learn and grow through. Programming ranges from things that are needed, such as education, to catering to what the participants enjoy, such as street hockey, to introducing them to new possibilities, such as attending the opera.

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Having enough staffing, having safe & accessible facilities, and having engaging programming, are key to ensuring that Rossbrook House remains a safe place for children and youth to belong, play, learn and become…

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