Gilbert Fredette is a proud Cree/Innu Indigenous man. His home community is Norway House Cree Nation where he served proudly as Vice Chief/Councillor from 2014-2018.

Gilbert’s early days as an urban Indigenous child were spent mostly in the Inner City (Central). Gilbert said “the breakfast programs, and after-school programs, funded by The United Way helped me since the early 70’s”.

In 1976 his mother passed away leaving his father to raise 5 children on his own. The combination of a loving father and United Way programs like Rossbrook House got him through some pretty rough times.

Gilbert obtained three degrees; two B.A. degrees and a graduate degree (Masters) From the U of M.

Gilbert has never forgotten his humble beginnings and has always helped others to believe in themselves.


“Rossbrook House and the great staff that continue to be a safe haven for young boys and girls and most importantly they care about the kids,” Gilbert said. “Today I still look back at my time spent at Rossbrook House, and the life-long friends I have, because of the foundation of Rossbrook House and the vision and compassion of the late Sister Geraldine MacNamara.”

“From a young Indigenous boy who found his way through the rough waters of uncertainty, I’d like to say thank you Rossbrook House for caring about the inner-city children,” Gilbert said.

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