Foundation Chair Larry McIntosh

Q&A with Larry McIntosh

Chair, Rossbrook House Foundation Board of Directors


When did you first hear about Rossbrook House?

I first heard about Rossbrook House about 10 years ago when I was invited to a Fall Gathering Luncheon (formerly Men’s Luncheon) by a friend.

What inspired you to get involved with Rossbrook House through the Foundation?

I was inspired to get involved with Rossbrook House Foundation when I realized how important the Foundation is in supporting Rossbrook House’s programs and operations as well as helping fund its scholarships.

Have you, or are you, involved with other not-for-profits/charities?

I have been fortunate to be involved with some great charities and not-for-profits over the years. I had the honour of being elected to several volunteer Boards including the Canadian Red Cross, Harvest Manitoba, and the Winnipeg & Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

Why do you feel it’s important to support Rosbrook House and the Foundation through volunteering and/or donating?

I am proud to support Rossbrook House Foundation by volunteering on the Board and committees. Shelley, my wife, and I also donate monthly to the Foundation. Rossbrook House is very important to both of us as we know the need and value of supporting these wonderful programs for children and youth.

What would you say to others who are considering giving back to the community through volunteering and/or donating? What would you say to others who are considering getting involved?

There is no question in my mind that giving back to our community through volunteering not only assisted a few charities, it helped me become the person I am today. The old saying couldn’t be truer, “You get back a lot more than you give”.

What is something you are excited about during your tenure as chair of the Rossbrook House Foundation Board of Directors?

I was honoured to be elected Chair of Rossbrook House Foundation in June 2023. I’ve found that the people who know about Rossbrook House are huge fans and great supporters, and how couldn’t you be? However, there are many people in Winnipeg who don’t know what Rossbrook House does. I’m very excited to share the amazing programs that Rossbrook House has and how they benefit the children and youth in our community every day.

What Rossbrook House activity or program do you wish you could partake in?

It is hard to pick one Rossbrook House program I would like to participate in as there are so many great ones. I think I would pick the Healthy Kitchen Program. Anyone who has met me knows how much I enjoy food! I am happy that healthy and nutritious meals made from scratch are prepared and served to the children and youth.

What is something you wished others knew about Rossbrook House and the Foundation?

I wish Rossbrook House was more widely known in Winnipeg as it does incredible work for children and youth every day of the year. I wish more people knew how Rossbrook House is truly a safe place to belong, play, learn and become…

What is something you have learned from Rossbrook House and the Foundation?

I have learned so many things since becoming involved with Rossbrook House and the Foundation. I guess the biggest thing I’ve learned is how wonderful and caring the staff and volunteers are. How each and every person I’ve met believes that no child who does not want to be alone, should ever have to be. What a beautiful place Rossbrook House is.