Farewell Maria Vigna

with kids 2

After teaching for 17 years at Eagles Circle School followed by 10 years as Co-Executive Director at Rossbrook House, Maria Vigna is returning home to Toronto. That was quite a stopover in Winnipeg! Maria affected the lives of countless young people as well as the many people she worked and played with; and she would the first to say that she got more than she gave – that the young people were her greatest teachers. Maria will continue to be with us in spirit in the way we treat each other and keep the children at the centre of our circle.

We will miss Maria’s indomitable spirit when facing challenges. Maria takes the time to connect with her deep down self until next steps are revealed and then she moves forward despite her fears because that’s the way Maria rolls. What an adventure to work with someone like Maria.

Maria will still be with us when we laugh and joke, when we are irreverent and deflating our egos. Maria did a great job of staying grounded and uplifted at the same time. Maria’s many accomplishments included her recent certification as a Body Talk practitioner; but they all pale in comparison to her greatest accomplishment – the person she has become and shared with all of us.

All the very best Maria, thanks for your stopover in Winnipeg – it was a rich and beautiful time!

Maria and



To view a video with a few memories of Maria’s time at Rossbrook House, please click on this link: