Fall 2017 Newsletter

Youth Homelessness

Rossbrook House was co–created with inner-city youth as a refuge from the negative influences of the streets. That’s why the doors are open 365 days of the year and 24 hours every weekend as well as all school holidays. The centre is available overnight to youth (ages 13-24) who make a positive choice to steer clear of the partying lifestyle that includes drugs, alcohol and gang associations. Rossbrook accepts the reality of youth being out late night with few options for safe affordable places to socialize and find acceptance and belonging.
Rossbrook also plays a role in the prevention of youth homelessness. There are varying degrees of homelessness and Rossbrook deals with hidden homelessness, often referred to as ‘couch-surfing.’ The Rossbrook night shifts provide temporary shelter to some youth during a time of crisis until more stable housing can be found.

Since 2014 Rossbrook House has been an active partner in the development of a Winnipeg plan to end youth homelessness, The plan called, “Here and Now,” was launched in 2016 and contains the wisdom of an impressive group of community based agencies, youth with lived experiences and front line workers. The plan is also informed by the latest national and city wide research on the causes and solutions for youth homelessness. It can be accessed on line at www.hereandnowwinnipeg.ca

Many good things happen when we recognize that we are not separate from each other. When we house the homeless we come home to ourselves. No child who does not want to be alone, should ever have to be.

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