Making A Difference

For over 47 years, Rossbrook House has been a safe place for children and youth. Open 365 days each year, providing programs, activities, and daily meals.

“Rossbrook House is there to help participants with growing and becoming and to be able to express themselves,” said Valerie, Senior Staff. “Rossbrook House allows them to be a child and to enjoy everything that comes with being a child.”


While the participants are busy taking part in programs or hanging out with their friends, they’re also making an impact on the community.

“Our children and youth are precious and beautiful sacred spirits that are eager to connect and take part in activities with their friends and staff”, Patty Mainville, Rossbrook House Executive Director said. “Their smiles are infectious and contagious; one cannot help but smile when you interact with them.”


One former participant and staff member, Chantel, spent many hours at Rossbrook House with her siblings. Two of her daughters have taken part in programs including Camp Maskwa, music lessons, and Pow Wow.

 “I talk lots to my children about Rossbrook House and what it meant to me as a child”, Chantel said.  “It was safe, it was fun. I want them to experience the same things; making new friends, attending the adventurous outings, and having opportunities that sometimes I can’t offer them.”

Making memories for participants includes learning to play pool or special activities like beach trips, van rides, or catching your first fish.

“I recently joined Rossbrook House and made new friends and got to hang out with new people. I really liked the activities we did and liked how I spent time outdoors a lot”, said Anika, participant.

Providing programs, meals, and safe space is what Rossbrook House is all about.

“When I’m at Rossbrook House I get to be me”, said Tristian, participant and Junior Staff. “Ever since I came to Rossbrook House I’ve become friends with almost everyone there. They make me laugh and I have a really good time while I’m with them.

We’re thrilled to be able to be a part of the lives of so many children and youth, whether they drop in once or every day. We’re happy and humbled to be their special place.