December Giving

This will be my last opportunity to write and offer my deepest gratitude to you for stepping up to support the children and youth of Rossbrook House during this special season.


I have been fortunate to celebrate over forty seasons at Rossbrook House witnessing the goodness in people and the effect it has in creating joy as well as healing, empathy, and justice. We are recovering from the pandemic and ready to move ahead in bold ways in 2022. We need your support to make this transition in a dynamic way.

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For those who celebrate Christmas, it is a time when you have heightened awareness of the needs of others, as well as recognition of the magical quality the season has on the lives of children. Other traditions observe this with the same sense of sacredness, generosity and caring.

It is a time when Rossbrook House counts most on your support.


Your support helps to make the season as special as possible for the children and their families, while always keeping the doors open for the essential needs of homeless youth. Your caring keeps the home fires burning throughout the frigid days of winter. A warm, safe place to be. A place for children and youth to be nurtured while enjoying new experiences that allow them to grow and develop. To dream!

I may not be on-site next year at this time because of my September retirement – but my whole heart and spirit will continue to be here along with yours. Let’s continue to make this season a special time for all of us!

Phil Chiappetta
Executive Director

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