Confused by legacy gifts?

To assist with ensuring the best stewarding of Rossbrook House supporters and donations, Rossbrook House Foundation is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) Manitoba Chapter.

“CAGP Manitoba is the province’s premier organization for fundraisers and professional advisors who support their donors and clients to make philanthropic planned and legacy gifts.”  

Wait, aren’t planned and legacy gifts the same thing? 

While legacy gifts are planned gifts, they are not the only type of planned gift. Another way to think of planned giving is as strategic charitable giving. “Strategic charitable gift planning is a donor-centred process of planning current and future charitable gifts in a way that meets the donor’s philanthropic goals and balances personal, family, and tax considerations.” Click to learn more.

To ensure the most beneficial charitable giving, for both the donor and charity(ies) of their choice, it is recommended that donors consult a financial advisor. Financial advisors can help plan both current and future charitable gifts. Future gifts are often considered part of one’s estate planning and included in one’s Will.  

“Did you know that your estate is likely to receive a hefty tax bill when you pass? And that making a charitable gift from your estate can often reduce, and sometimes eliminate, the taxes to be paid? Working with a financial advisor to plan your estate before writing your Will is a smart way to maximize what you leave for your loved ones and favourite causes.” Click here to learn more about the benefits of speaking with an advisor when planning your Will.


Financial advisors, Wills, this is sounding complicated … 

Who has the time & energy to hunt down different financial and legal advisors …. if you do kudos …. for those of us who don’t, this is where Will Power can help. is filled with helpful tools, from a Legacy Calculator to resources on financial planning, & Will writing to help you save on taxes, and a directory of financial & legal advisors. 

Rossbrook House Foundation is extremely grateful for those who have left gifts in support of Rossbrook House in their Wills. Some of these individuals have chosen to let us know ahead of time that they have done this, while others have let it be a pleasant surprise for after they’ve passed. Both are respected and worthy options. 

For more information on Planned Gifts in support of Rossbrook House, please visit or contact Stephanie at or 204.949.4092. 

Are you a financial or legal advisor interested in learning more about how best to help your clients and the charitable sector? CAGP is the place for you, visit for more information.