For the third year in a row, FortWhyte Alive, Rossbrook House and Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) shared a special evening at FortWhyte Alive to celebrate winter for an evening of play and friendship.

Sharing experiences together, especially fun ones, builds relationships and community and that is what this event is all about”, said Rossbrook House Executive Director Phil Chiappetta.  “Rossbrook and IRCOM know the power of seemingly simple exchanges to change perspectives and free us from fears of the unknown.”



 #ColdCityWarmHearts has become an annual winter tradition. The delighted squeals, laughter and smiles keep us all warm as we take part in a bannock bake, learn to snowshoe, go down the thrilling toboggan run and get tossed in the Inuit blanket toss. Winter Fun is at the max!




Children playing side-by-side and making friends across cultures is something that comes naturally to them”, said Shereen Denetto, IRCOM Associate Executive Director. “The whole exchange of knowledge, history, and customs and to learn about them and their experiences – those things are critical for relationship building.”



Thank you to the staff and volunteers at FortWhyte Alive for welcoming the participants from Rossbrook House and our neighbours at IRCOM for a special evening on February 12.

“We truly believe that outdoor experiences in nature are essential, especially for young people,” said Liz Wilson, FortWhyte Alive President & CEO. “We’re thrilled to once again host this special event and creating lasting memories together.”   


CTV News Winnipeg was there to do two live hits and record some of the fun and it all appeared on the 5:00, 6:00 and 11:30pm newscasts.

Click here to view the live report!

Check out the Cold City Warm Hearts Photo Album on the Rossbrook House Facebook page to see more fun photos.


Click here to view the toboggan run video


Thank you to Pizza Pizza for generously providing the participants with pizza! They worked up an appetite!