Citizenship Award

IODE: Jon Sigurdsson Chapter honoured Rossbrook House staff member Sheila with a Citizenship Award.

Sheila received this Citizenship Award for her work with children and youth at Rossbrook House.


Sheila has been a part of the Rossbrook House community for many years — as a participant, student and staff.

She was the first student at Rising Sun. She formed great bonds with Sisters Bernadette O’Reilly and Margaret Hughes.

She later worked with Sister Margaret at Wi Wabigooni as the educational assistant. When she retired… she thought she’d come and lend a hand at Rossbrook House.

Since 2016 she has become involved in so many areas; she is the Volunteer Coordinator, the Learning Always Coordinator and the Junior Staff supervisor. She is involved in many activities and special events including the Pow Wow.

Her great affection for the children and her care for the community shines through in everything she does. She is an inspiration to us all!


The IDOE: Jon Sigurdsson Chapter also made a generous donation to Rossbrook House in her name.

We thank them for their kindness.


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