Can you help?

Thank you to all who have donated. The work has begun as of late summer/early fall 2023.

Rossbrook House needs your help.

We need to raise $150,000 for cleaner air and a safer physical environment.

Rossbrook House is working with Rossbrook House Foundation to better serve the children and youth who drop in for learning, fun, and daily meals.

The heating and air conditioning system at 658 Ross Avenue needs to be upgraded. We need a new HVAC system and mould remediation. At the same time, we want to add sound-absorbing material in the main hall so that the acoustics are better not only for play but for learning as well.

Rossbrook House prides itself on being a safe place for children and youth ages 6 to 24. Now we find ourselves in need of updating an aging building. This space is used 365 days every year for programs, fun activities and events, and an alternative school program.

The main hall of Rossbrook House hosts Eagles’ Circle Junior High five days a week. We want to make this space better acoustically so that it is a safer and calmer space for learning.

The main hall is a large room that can make hearing difficult, not only for a student who may be hearing impaired, but sound reverberation makes it difficult for learning. As well, any loud noise can be distressing to students or participants who have experienced trauma. Our goal is to make this space safer than ever by installing new sound-absorbing wall and ceiling tiles to improve acoustics.

Can you help Rossbrook House raise the funds we need for a new HVAC system, mould remediation, and ceiling/wall tile installation?

Thank you,

Patty Mainville, Executive Director