A Reflection on Giving

November is filled with opportunities to give back and to reflect on giving.

From the awarding of scholarships to members of the Rossbrook House community November 2, to National Philanthropy Day November 15 where Manitobans celebrate those who give back to their communities, to GivingTuesday November 28, the world’s largest generosity movement.

Rossbrook House and Rossbrook House Foundation are grateful for those who choose to give in support of Rossbrook House.


Those who give through financial support, through one of the many channels the Foundation is pleased to offer. Gifts in memory of loved ones, monthly donations, raffle tickets, events, and more. LEARN about the different channels at https://rossbrookhouse.ca/options-for-giving/

Those who give back through volunteering their time, knowledge, services, and more.

Rossbrook House Foundation is comprised of valued volunteer board, and committee members, who believe in the mission and vision of Rossbrook House. LEARN more about the board and committees, and how you could give back through them at https://rossbrookhouse.ca/rossbrook-house-foundation-board-committees/

Rossbrook House is guided and supported by its own volunteer board of directors. Additionally, Rossbrook House staff are assisted by “front-line” volunteers who interact with the participants and assist with accomplishing the mission of ensuring children and youth have a safe place to belong, play, learn and become… LEARN more about volunteering with Rossbrook House at https://rossbrookhouse.ca/volunteer/

Those who give through in-kind donations of goods and services. Good such as mitts, Halloween candy, and craft supplies. Services such as printing and design work. Click here to learn about in-kind donations of use to Rossbrook House.

Those who give through advocating on behalf of Rossbrook House and the Foundation. Spreading the word* about Rossbrook House throughout the community, be it through conversation, engaging with social media posts, or other methods.

Other methods can include organizing their own fundraisers in support of Rossbrook House or purchasing the Belonging, Becoming, Together necklace from Hilary Druxman Design’s Good Works collection for others (each purchase includes an info card on Rossbrook House). Click here to learn more about organizing your own fundraiser (also known as third-party fundraising).

Rossbrook House is happy to be able to give back to the community and teach participants about the importance of giving back.


Rossbrook House has multiple programs that specifically include volunteer opportunities to give back to the community, including:

Participants also give back through other means, including

  • Giving back to each other at Camp Maskwa by taking turns assisting with meal preparation.
  • Music program participants give back to the community through the gift of music by performing on the radio and at concerts. LEARN more at https://rossbrookhouse.ca/programming/the-music-program/

We hope this reflection on giving inspires you to give back.

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