Summer 2024 is on

Summer is on at Rossbrook House!

“Summer at Rossbrook House is always memorable. School is out and our doors are open 24 hours a day. It’s a time for fun activities. Everything is free. The two calendars for the children and youth are filled with beach days, Camp Maskwa, traditional teachings, and the summer games. The doors remain open 24 hours all summer so that the youth (up to age 24) always have a safe place.”


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Valerie Henderson first discovered Rossbrook House when she was just 12 years old. Today she is a long-time staff member, a mother, and a grandmother, who has seen many young people walk through the doors of Rossbrook House.


I kept coming back for the same reasons when I was twelve years old.  I was hungry for food, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. Children and youth come here to fill that need too. My home life was not one to be desired as some of the children and youth experience this as well. As staff, we can detect when a child or youth is going through something too big to handle on their own. They trust and confide in us. We appreciate the seriousness when they choose to open up. We listen and do our best to accommodate them in any way we can. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I or others hadn’t walked through the main doors.

I am witnessing generations—the children and grandchildren of past participants frequent Rossbrook House. My son grew up here just like me. My grandchildren ages 7 to 16 love coming to Rossbrook House.

Most of the youth I worked with when I was a program coordinator have found their place in life. They visit occasionally to thank us for being there for them and supporting their ideas and dreams. They are teachers, musicians, authors, roofers, city workers, and social workers…            

On behalf of the participants, please consider supporting Rossbrook House. Thank you.”

Valerie Henderson


As we’re all aware, inflation rates keep increasing and so do the expenses associated with keeping the doors of Rossbrook House open. Unfortunately, financial support from Rossbrook House sustained funders is not rising at the same rate. Your support will help ensure that children and youth will continue to find a second home in Rossbrook House for generations to come.



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