Programming with Pride!


Did you know that Indigenous culture has been a part of Rossbrook House programming for many years?

Today, a huge percentage of our staff and participants are of Indigenous heritage therefore, we must look at our programming through an Indigenous lens to align with Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.

The programming teams for both age groups and Executive Director, Patty Mainville, have been working together to ensure that our programs incorporate the Seven Sacred Teachings and see a revitalization of Indigenous languages and cultural traditions.


The intent behind these goals is a simple one: To infuse children and youth with pride. Pride while learning a new skill. Pride in embracing their Indigenous heritage. Pride in becoming who they are meant to be.

Grandfather Rocks were gifted to attendees of the No Child Alone Dinner. These rocks were decorated with images of the Seven Sacred Teachings by the students in the three off-campus school programs and Rossbrook House participants.

As each child or youth took the time to craft the animal, they were reminded of the teachings passed down from their ancestors. About Humility, Respect, Love, Truth, Honesty, Wisdom, and Courage.


Rocks have special meaning to Indigenous peoples- as does their connectedness to the land, water, and sky. Because rocks are so old, they carry energy, therefore are storytellers of the earth, and are referred to as Grandfather Rocks .






According to the Seven teachings:


the Eagle represents Love






the Buffalo represents Respect



the Bear represents Courage






the Sabe represents Honesty




the Beaver represents Wisdom




the Wolf represents Humility




the Turtle represents Truth



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