Message from our Executive Director

A Fourth Wave




It seems we have been staying afloat in the waves for a long while now. This fourth wave is the result of a covid variant. We are still in masks and using hand sanitizer. However, with our double vaccinated QR codes we can sit down at our favorite restaurant or cheer on the Bombers and Jets in person from the stands.

I am now in my own fourth wave and still swimming strong. Heading towards my 42nd year at Rossbrook House and recently hearing the Beatle’s iconic song “When I’m Sixty-Four” being played for me; I’m happy to say, “I’m still needed” and “still being fed.”  The food is varied and mostly comes through the eyes of my family and those in the Rossbrook community. The thought of your caring and support for the children and youth coming through the doors of Rossbrook House is also nourishment I hold dear.

The next wave for Rossbrook will bring exciting change. I will retire at the end of September 2022 and guarantee a wonderful continuation of the spirit that began with a band of youth and a group of fearless nuns.  Without two sticks to rub together they created Rossbrook House and imbued it with a quality that lives on through the staff and participants to this day.  That spirit will embrace new challenges and open new vistas for participants.  There will still be veterans left to mentor a new crowd to follow in the shallows. They will soon be cresting on their own.

I plan to cherish this last year at Rossbrook House and will be in touch often to let you know how the ship is sailing and when we will be recruiting and announcing a new skipper.  Until then, I look forward to swimming alongside you in whatever waves we face as we head towards calmer waters.

Phil Chiappetta

Executive Director