Making Science Fun

In 2018 until early 2020, several times each year, children from Rossbrook House were participating in a special after-school program at the Youth BIOLab Jeunesse at the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. The Youth BIOLab is a unique learning experience, designed as a space for students and teachers in grades 5-12 to explore and experience real biomedical science in a world-class research centre.

The children have interactive learning, using equipment like microscopes, related to medical research and science.


Steve Jones (Director, RBC Youth BIOLab) and Meghan Kynoch (Program Coordinator, RBC Youth BIOLab) are used to creating programs that are unique to each school group. Providing a program for the 6-11 year olds from Rossbrook House wasn’t difficult for them.

Steve advises the children to resist the urge to say “ew” or “gross”. Instead he tells them to say; “Oh that’s very interesting.”

The visits stopped when COVID-19 made it impossible for hands-on outings like these to continue. However, we’re looking forward to the day when the children from Rossbrook House can experience these amazing activities again.

Rossbrook House is grateful to the St Boniface Hospital Foundation and RBC Youth BIOlab staff for creating this incredible opportunity for the Rossbrook House participants. Thank you also to Gerry Lomonaco from Sorrento’s for coordinating the meals. And a special thank you to Bingo Palace at Freight House for providing the generous donation to make this happen!