Leave a Legacy

Mary and Barry webMaking your wishes known to your loved ones is a great gift. While some of us may put it off, others take the time to make a well-thought out choice. Someone like Mary Mathias. Mary, a retired school teacher, has made plans to leave a legacy.

Following a discussion with her spouse, Mary and her husband Barry Hammond made arrangements for family members in their wills and also included a percentage of their estate be left to Rossbrook House.

Mary was a Rossbrook House volunteer board member from 1994 until 2015. It was a good experience for Mary. “It was another extension of the Rossbrook family.”

When it comes to charitable organizations, Mary says, “There are lots of ways to contribute and I’m glad I was able to contribute through the Board.”

She quietly decided to include Rossbrook House in her will. It wasn’t until the Board was discussing the Rossbrook House Foundation Legacy Circle that she shared her decision with the group. While it is a personal choice that is kept confidential, she also noted that; “It’s helpful for an organization to know.”

Mary made her intentions known in her will. This thoughtful act will assist Rossbrook House in continuing to provide services to children and youth long into the future. Her legacy will live on in the smiles and in the hearts of all who cross the threshold of Rossbrook House.

“Rossbrook House has been an important part of my life for many years. I would like to feel that I will still be contributing in some small way to the good work that Rossbrook House is doing.”

It’s beneficial to plan for our own future and what Mary is doing is planning for the future of others. The future of Rossbrook House and the dozens of children and youth that walk through the doors every day. Those doors will continue to remain open thanks to the generosity of Mary Mathias and others like her.

“I can’t think of a better place to invest time, energy and financial resources to,” she said.

May is Leave a Legacy Month in Manitoba. Declare your intention by becoming a member of the Rossbrook House Foundation Legacy Circle.